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Where can I try a Regina vacuum?

Regina vacuums are unique and we suggest to try them locally at a vacuum store in your area. 

We have several dealers throughout the Unites States. 

Visit our dealer locator to find one near you.

How do I set up my Regina vacuum?

We could tell you, but it's easier to show you.

Here's a video!

NOTE: The initial charge of the vacuum should be 5 hours. Failure to charge Regina initially for a full 5 hours could result in lower battery life.

Is The Regina vacuum okay to use for picking up water?

No. Under no circumstances should the vacuum be used to pickup or clean any wet surfaces or liquid fluids.

What's the weight of The Regina vacuum?

Just under 8 pounds. 7lbs 10oz to be exact.

What's the charge time?

The initial charge time for a new vacuum is 5 hours.

After the initial charge, it all depends. If you just used your vacuum for a quick cleaning of 5 minutes, it should only take 1 hour to fully recharge.

If you use the vacuum until it runs out of power, it should take around 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Whats the run time of the vacuum?

Regina vacuum cleaners have a 20 minute run time. You'll likely be able to use the vacuum for longer even on high, but we guarantee 20 minutes. 

Does the Air Purifier Kill Corona Virus?

No. We make no claims that the air purifier will stop the spread or kill the corona viruses.

What's the warranty?

Regina vacuums have a 1 year warranty on the suction motor and 90 days on the battery.

The Regina air purifier has a 6 month warranty on the motor and 90 day warranty on the electronics.

Any warranty or repair issues should be handled by your local Authorized Regina dealer.

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