Cleans What You Can't See

Is Your Air Regina Clean?

Air Purifier for Allergies by Regina Vacuum LLC.  The Air Purifier Made for 2020.


  • Odor Adsorbing Charcoal Filtration
  • HEPA Filtration
  • UV-A Germicidal Light (with on/off)
  • Ionizer (with on/off)
  • 94CFM (on high)
  • Multi-speed, Sleep Timer & Includes a Remote Control.

Air Purifier For Allergies


The Regina air purifier uses a HEPA filter that filters the air passing though. In addition to the HEPA filter, the Regina air purifier features a charcoal filter.

Beyond HEPA

The interior UV-A light coupled with an ionizer provides additional cleaning and protection for the air in your home.

Is Your Home REGINA Clean?


A Quiet One
That Moves Air

The Regina Air Purifier is Quiet at Only 21db on Low, 31db on Medium and 38db on High.

On High 94 Cubic Feet of Air Per Minute Passes Though The Multiple Layers of Filtration!

Regina HEPA Filter

Big on Filtration
Not On Price

The Regina Air Purifier Uses 2 Filters; A Charcoal Filter & HEPA Filter. Both Filters Measure 11.29" x 12.59".

Regina Air Purifiers Are Only Offered For Sale by Authorized Regina Dealers.

MSRP $399.95